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13 Enero, 2020
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CRIME HUNTER: Killers, voodoo sex traffickers among Europe’s many wanted females

CRIME HUNTER: Killers, voodoo sex traffickers among Europe’s many wanted females

Jessica Edosomwan utilized voodoo to help keep her 60 intercourse slaves lined up. EUROPOL

They called her “Mama” and relating to cops, she lorded more than a sex that is sprawling band which used voodoo to help keep her intercourse slaves terrified.

This woman is Jessica Edosomwan and along side 17 other ladies, this woman is certainly one of Europe’s most russian mail order brides real desired feminine crooks.

At her top, the 26-year-old allegedly oversaw a intercourse band in excess of 60 women that were smuggled into France via Libya from their indigenous Nigeria.

“Jessica Edosomwan had been the ‘mama’ for this system,” Jacques Croly Labourdette, mind for the French National Brigade for Fugitive Research told AFP.

“The mama took proper care of girls but in addition had the mission to prospect in Nigeria … discover brand brand new recruits.”

In the event that ladies didn’t have sexual intercourse with consumers, their own families were sentenced with reprisals.

“They had been additionally at the mercy of a ‘voodoo rite’, the ‘juju’, that has been terrible she is in Italy or Germany for them, far more than threats,” Labourdette said, adding cops believe.

Now, investigators desire to bring Mama to trial along side 17 other femme Fatales, Europol stated, incorporating “crime doesn’t have gender.”

Angelina Sacjuka is desired for murder. EUROPOL


She actually is desired by Latvian cops for murder and grievous harm that is bodily throwing a female to death more than a dispute.

Sacjuka, whom buried the human body beneath leaves, happens to be sentenced to four years in jail in absentia.

Dorota Kazmierska murdered her abusive spouse. EUROPOL


Detectives state Dorota blew her presumably husband that is abusive brains down in Poland in January 2008.

She was indeed sentenced to 25 years in jail but premiered in 2013 due to the “psychological state” of her son.

Now, she’s vanished.

Idliko Dudas is desired for drug and kid abuse offences. EUROPOL


Dudas is desired by Hungarian cops for medication trafficking and abusing a small.

She was in fact sentenced to six years within the slammer it is now away from home.

She’d usually bring her young ones along with her to do dope discounts in sleazy nightclubs.

Kristi Amberg is really a dope dealer that is big-time. EUROPOL


Estonian police say Amberg is just a dope that is big-time who was simply sentenced to almost couple of years in prison in 2017 it is now away from home.

“People believe that usually these crimes aren’t being committed by females, however they are and they’re just as serious as those committed by men,” Europol spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet stated.

Elena Puzyrevich is desired for intercourse trafficking. EUROPOL


A great deal when it comes to sisterhood.

Puzyrevich is desired for forcing young Russian girls into prostitution at A spanish club after going for bogus tourist visas and air plane seats.

She ended up being sentenced to 5 years in jail for illegal detention — couple of years for prostitution-related offences and 5 years for crimes contrary to the liberties of international residents.

Adilet Shakirgazieva is desired for a few heists in Malta. EUROPOL


She’s wanted in Malta for presumably part that is being of gang that robbed flats in the Meditteranean area.

She had been arrested in 2015 but awarded bail and has now since disappeared.

Renata Lorinc: white-collar crook. EUROPOL


The Slovak that is light-fingered is to make “unauthorized” withdrawals on the behalf of clients during the bank where she worked.

In addition, she was at a “relationship supervisor” and acquired re payment cards.

Cops say she relocated to Connecticut in April 2015 and had been discovered bad in lack final January.

Killer Hilde Van Acker and her beau parked two slugs in a businessman that is british the 1990s. She’s been away from home since. EUROPOL


Somebody parked two bullets into the throat of Uk businessman Marcus John Mitchell last year in De Haan, Belgium.

Van Acker along with her enthusiast Jean-Claude Lacote had been convicted and sentenced to life in jail. However they vanished in 1996 as they are considered to be hiding in Southern Africa.

Swindler Elisabeth Gertrude Skarits. EUROPOL


This swindler is desired by Austrian cops for property and leasing frauds totaling $6.3 million.

White-collar criminal activity certainly.

The crimes were allegedly committed while she worked because the handling manager of a house administration business. She vanished from a hotel that is austrian 2011.

Intercourse trafficker Iveta Tancosova. EUROPOL


She lured a new woman — who thought she would definitely be a nursing assistant — into the UK this year after which forced her into prostitution.

Tancosova took the girl’s passport after which made her offer her human anatomy for intercourse. Whenever she refused she had been beaten before offering her to loved ones in Ireland.

She had been sentenced to very nearly eight years in jail but happens to be away from home since 2011.

Ildiko Enderle: Intercourse trafficker. EUROPOL


Romanian cops want Enderle for recruiting girls with the promise of jobs in Germany.

Girls had been then provided for the Czech Republic where they certainly were forced to act as prostitutes. Some had been underage.

She was convicted of pimping, human being trafficking and youngster trafficking but stays most importantly.

Monika Rafaelova: robs senior women. EUROPOL


Radina Stancheva Zhecheva ended up being sentenced to 5 years in jail in Bulgaria for the true range frauds.

Elizabeth Dizon Honrada is desired by Dutch cops for allegedly cocaine that is smuggling the nation.

And Monika Rafaelova, 46, is desired for presumably robbing women that are elderly Sweden.

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